Ayodhya Airport Renamed ‘Maharishi Valmiki International Airport’ by Union Cabinet

In a significant move, the Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved the proposal to rename Ayodhya airport as ‘Maharishi Valmiki International Airport, Ayodhyadham.’ Additionally, the airport has been declared an international airport. The decision was made to pay homage to Maharishi Valmiki, the sage attributed to composing the epic Ramayana, adding a cultural touch to the airport’s identity.

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the airport on December 30, and the new name aligns with Ayodhya’s deep cultural roots and historical significance. The elevation of Ayodhya airport to international status is seen as crucial for realizing its economic potential and establishing the city as a global pilgrimage site. The move is expected to attract foreign pilgrims and tourists, enhancing Ayodhya’s prominence on the global stage.

“Ayodhya, with its deep cultural roots, is strategically positioned to become a key economic hub and pilgrimage site. The airport’s potential to attract international pilgrims and businesses aligns with the city’s historical prominence,” stated an official release. The renaming reflects the government’s commitment to promoting cultural heritage and leveraging Ayodhya’s historical significance for economic and tourism development.