Global Times Commends India’s Strategic Confidence and Proactivity

In a surprising turn of events, China’s leading daily, Global Times, has commended India, describing it as “more strategically confident” and “proactive” in crafting a distinct ‘Bharat narrative.’ The accolades come amidst ongoing tensions between the two nuclear-powered nations following the 2020 Galwan Valley clashes.

Zhang Jiadong, the director of the Center for South Asian Studies at Shanghai’s Fudan University, authored an article highlighting India’s achievements over the past four years under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Jiadong acknowledged India’s robust economic growth, advancements in urban governance, and a shift in its attitude towards international relations, particularly with China.

The article notes India’s evolving focus on export potential rather than solely addressing trade imbalances and emphasizes a transition from highlighting democratic consensus with the western world to promoting the ‘Indian feature’ of democratic politics. Moreover, Global Times lauds India’s foreign policy, citing its multi-alignment approach and strengthening ties with major global powers such as the United States, Japan, and Russia, while maintaining a nuanced stance in the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

“India has become a new geopolitical factor that many countries need to consider,” Jiadong concludes, recognizing the transformed and assertive India on the world stage.