Indian Navy Monitors Hijacked Ship near Somalia with 15 Indian Crew Members on Board

The Indian Navy is intensively monitoring a critical situation involving the hijacking of the Liberian-flagged merchant ship ‘MV Lila Norfolk,’ reported last evening near Somalia’s coast. The vessel, believed to have 15 Indian crew members on board, sent a distress message via the UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) portal, indicating an intrusion by approximately five to six armed individuals on January 4, 2024.

Indian Navy aircraft are actively engaged in surveillance to track the movements of the hijacked ship. Successful communication has been established, facilitating a crucial link for assessing the situation and ensuring the safety of the crew. The navy statement revealed that Indian warship INS Chennai is en route to the location to address the situation, with continuous monitoring and coordination with other agencies in the region. The overall situation remains under close scrutiny as efforts are underway to resolve the incident and secure the well-being of the crew members.